All of us have heard about intentional living. It means defining our priorities, getting clear on what we want from life and living every day in alignment with these priorities. When we live intentionally we find more direction, clarity, peace and joy. Organizing our home intentionally takes us in the same direction! I started Intentionally Organized with these goals in mind. When we are intentional in the way we organize our spaces and what we keep in our homes we make room for more joy and peace!

Meet Leslie

As a working mom, having an organized, uncluttered and functional home has always been a top priority. Finding and implementing intentional practices allow me more time and energy for the things I love most. I decided years ago that I had control over the feeling in my home and that I could reduce chaos and bring in more peace just by creating systems within my home. The change that these practices brought into my life inspired me to help as many households as I could.


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